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How can it help me?

By learning the proper relativity between your head and neck and whole spine, it helps you to stop putting so much downward pressure on your spine and your whole body, that you may or may not realize you are doing. Once the head is oriented “forward and up” in relation to your spine, this release allows the spine room to spring up from the floor allowing your whole body to oppose gravity. This can alleviate downward compression on your joints, vertebrae and disks, shoulders and limbs. This is not an instant process, it takes time to learn, think and coordinate but once it comes together, it is yours to take with you and apply to whatever you do.

Who can Benefit?

  • Anyone with back or neck pain

  • Public Speakers

  • Actors, Singers and Musicians

  • Anyone who would like to improve posture in movement or poise

  • People looking to gain a better sense of coordination or balance

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