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Who was FM Alexander?

Born in Tasmania, FM Alexander (1869-1955) was an actor who specialized in Shakespearean Oration. Throughout his career he had a nagging vocal problem that caused him to lose his voice, especially during performances. After doctors could not diagnose his affliction, Alexander set off on his own to uncover a solution to his vocal problem.

After careful self-observation and experimentation, Alexander discovered that he had patterns of unnecessary tension and other physical habits affecting not only his head, neck, back but also his whole body. He developed a technique which includes five principles that reduce (or eliminate) these patterns. With this technique Alexander restored his own voice and the voices of many others.

The Alexander Technique, now practiced for over 100 years world wide, not only can help improve the voice, breathing and posture, but also can give you tools to help relieve back, neck and other chronic pain.

The 5 Principles

  • Recognition of Force of Habit

  • Inhibition and Non-Doing

  • Recognition of Faulty Sensory Awareness

  • Sending Direction

  • The Primary Control

FM Alexander’s 4 Books

  • The Use of the Self

  • Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

  • Man’s Supreme Inheritance

  • The Universal Constant in Living

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