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Lauren works with humans, Jedi and even Ewoks. 

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Notes one of Lauren's students made to remind him of his organization while he was lead cantor for the high holidays.  


"Lauren is a genius.  Her knowledge, kindness, gentleness, and intuition lend to incredibly powerful work and sustained results.  My posture completely changed in 4 months of working with her, mostly thanks to how deeply she understand what each individual person needs."  -Jessica D

"It's not an overstatement to say that Lauren changed the way I view the world and myself. The technique Lauren shared with me opened up my eyes to my own body and the way it interacts with its surroundings. Through Lauren's teaching, I was able to find my own power, where it manifests, and how it is unique to me and in my body as opposed to how power is received. As an actor, Lauren helped me to be open to stimulus and simply to get out of my own way. I am so thankful for all that Lauren and The Alexander Technique has brought me."  

–Deanna D

"Lauren's class completely changed my awareness of how I think about and use my body.  She teaches Alexander Technique with honesty, patience and kindness.  Most of all, she makes major changes in my habitual use of my body seem entirely manageable.  I use the work I learned in her class all the time in my work as an actor, and in my day to day life.  Her class taught me the principles of Alexander Technique and how to use them as a guideline for thinking about the use of my body, while giving me the tools to use these principles in practice.  I generally find my spine and throat less strained, and when I do go back into habits that put strain on my body they no longer feel natural.  I highly recommend studying with Lauren!"   –Emma M

“I have studied with Lauren Hallal to learn Alexander Technique for the past 10 months, and during that time I haven’t had any episodes of the lower back pain or neck spasms which have plagued me for years. I recently had knee surgery, and thanks to Lauren’s wonderful teaching I was able to move with my body well, so I could walk and go from lying to standing easily. I can’t imagine how I could have managed after surgery without Lauren’s Alexander technique teaching.”   –Marjorie M

"Lauren Hallal is easily one of the most intelligent, kind, and generous professors I have ever worked with. Her knowledge and ability to communicate it-- makes something as seemingly complicated and technically difficult as the Alexander Technique, incredibly accessible. Beyond her ability to teach is her ability to push her students into using the Alexander Technique as a life practice and not one that merely leaves the individual once they are done with her class. My life as an actor and a human being that moves has shifted because of her." –Sam L

"My daughter went to Lauren this past year and we have been so pleased at how the Alexander Technique has helped her in both her singing and her softball pitching. She has a new awareness now about how to get the most from her breathing and posture and has gained confidence and a sense of control in both activities.  The teenager slouch has vanished and she just seems more at ease in her own skin." –Elizabeth R

“As an actor, my voice would predictably get strained during the run of a theatre show.  I’d even lost my voice once during a run of a play, and had to struggle through the last few shows.  One day, a fellow actor (and Alexander Technique instructor) introduced me to Alexander Technique about 15 minutes before a show. My voice became full and resonant, and I was amazed that my voice remained so, even at the end of the performance.  When Lauren began offering lessons, I jumped at the opportunity because I wanted to learn how to do this on my own.  Lauren has worked with me to discover how to improve the use of my body holistically, including the direct impact body has on voice.  Not only has Lauren helped me professionally, but I’ve also been able to integrate the principles of Alexander Technique into my daily life.  Since I’ve been working with Lauren, I have significantly less tension in my neck, shoulders, and back.”   –Albert C

"I loved Alexander lessons!  I went originally to improve my singing, but it ended up helping me with that and more. I have been able to see a definite change in not only my singing but also my acting, posture, and softball pitching!  Lauren is super gentle and her softest touch prompted my body into all of the right positions.  Alexander lessons were peaceful and pleasant and, though I worked hard, I had a ton of fun"!   –Juliet R

"Lauren Hallal is an outstanding person and Alexander instructor, and I couldn't imagine learning the technique from anyone else.  She is caring, understanding, super smart and sensible to each student's individual needs and growth." –John B

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